On his trip to the Middle East, Barack Obama had the following to say about the modern state of Israel:

Barack Obama called Israel a “miracle” as he courted Jewish voters back home Wednesday …

Woops, looks as if the Senator and presidential candidate misspoke. The modern state of Israel is not a “miracle” if one defines that as an event of divine intervention. Far from it. It was founded by human beings who did human work. God had nothing to do with it.

If Israel is to survive — and if it is to reach some accord with Palestinian Arabs and bring peace to the Middle East — that will have been accomplished by (yep!) human beings, not by God.

Obama essentially is robbing human beings of credit for what they accomplished, by stating that their actions were not important, it was God alone who created Israel. Not only is this factually untrue, it’s obviously insulting to people who’ve given a great deal … in some cases up to and including their lives … for their state. At the very least he owes them an apology (which, I suspect, will never be offered).

It’s surprising to think that educated Americans in the 21st century (such as the Senator) still talk about “miracles,” especially given that — as David Hume logically demonstrated centuries ago — there can never be any such thing as a definite, certain “miracle.”

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