Yep, those creationist types in Kansas just aren’t going to let the matter of teaching their religion in Kansas public-school classes die. The Wichita Eagle reports on a renewed effort to water down teaching of evolution in that state:

With five seats on the State Board of Education up for grabs this year, education advocates say how children learn about evolution hangs in the balance — and who voters choose could affect Kansas’ national reputation.

A frequent flip-flop between moderate and conservative majorities on the 10-member board has resulted in the state changing its science standards four times in the past eight years.

Conservatives have pushed for standards casting doubt on evolution, and moderates have said intelligent design does not belong in the science classroom. …

This year, none of the three moderates whose seats are up for election are running again. Only one of the two conservative incumbents is running for re-election.

It’s funny to note that these creationist-types haven’t yet figured out a way to process the ruling in Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District, in which a conservative evangelical Christian appellate-court judge — appointed by George W. Bush himself! — declared the “intelligent design” movement a ruse designed to drive religion into public schools in violation of the law and Constitution. It seems they’re ignoring that and pressing the matter … having done so successfully in Louisiana they’re resuming the same battle in Kansas (where they’ve lost several times already). It’s bad enough these people are willing to break the law in order to proselytize … but now that their lie has been exposed, and everyone knows them for the liars they are, they continue it! Just how desperate can they be?

Two words leap to mind … “childish” and “asinine.” When are these people going to grow the hell up and stop imposing their religion on others?

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