This is one of those times I’m actually not surprised at all. The childish antics of fundamentalist preachers have long since become far too predictable ever to surprise me any more. I knew something like this would happen, as soon as I found out about the song “I Kissed A Girl” by Katy Perry:

For 24 hours, the message board outside Havens Corners Church, 6696 Havens Corner Rd., read, “I kissed a girl and I liked it, then I went to Hell.”The message refers to the chart-topping song by pop artist Katy Perry “I Kissed A Girl.”Pastor David Allison said he didn’t put up the sign to draw attention to the church.“We didn’t intend to get into all this, but it’s become a bigger thing,” Allison said.  

First and most obviously, the pastor’s assertion that he’s not trying to call attention to his church — by putting something on a billboard! — is as laughable as anything I’ve heard in the last few months. Of course he’s using it to call attention to his church … the purpose of any billboard, after all, is to call attention to things, is it not? I mean … what other purpose can a billboard possibly serve? The article continues with yet another false claim by the pastor:

He was just very concerned about the implications of the song for teenagers and what he called a music video so suggestive it borders on pornography.“If anyone’s seen the video and understands how lewd and suggestive the video is for this song, that is not something young people should go toward,” Allison said.  

Please, if he’s going to post lyrics on his billboard for every song that’s ever had a suggestive video, he’d have to do it for most songs released, because almost all music videos are suggestive! Oh, and the article adds this wonderful remark by the pastor:

He thought the message would be a loving way to remind teenagers that the Bible denounces homosexuality.  

Ah yes, what more loving a message can one offer to one’s fellow human being, than to threaten him or her with eternal perdition? How special. And this article ends with this final expression of love from Pastor Allison:

Allison said they do welcome the GLBT community but believe they are engaged in sin.   

I’d say that this sentiment is far from “welcoming.” Although I’m by no means a fan of pop music these days, below is the video from YouTube as a kind of protest against wild-eyed fundie preachers like Pastor David Allison. Enjoy!

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12 Responses to “Threats of Damnation in Ohio”
  1. Guest says:

    It's not God's will that anyone perish. But you have to come His Way. God so loved the world that he "gave" His son. Jesus came to save sinners. If you're not a sinner, then don't come.

    • PsiCop says:

      If it's true that "God's will" is that no one "perish," then — assuming God is truly omnipotent — then no one can. The will of an omnipotent being can never be thwarted, by anything — not by us, not by Satan. No one. That's part of the definition of "omnipotent."

      If God chooses to save only those who come to him "his way," this means, logically, that he's saving some but not others … and furthermore, it means he knows some will, in fact, NOT be saved. This contradicts your earlier assertion that God's will is that no one "perish." So which is it? Does he wish only to save some, but not all? Or does he want to save all? It can't be both ways, it can only be one or the other. Choose which one is the case.

      As for "saving sinners," if the Bible is correct, then ALL are "sinners," by definition, and merely by virtue of having been born human (see e.g. Rom 3:23). If it's true that God wants to save ALL "sinners," then he wants to save all humans. This means he wants to save everyone, not just some (i.e. those who come to him "his way").

      Again, logic tells us that salvation is either universal, or it's only given to some but not to others. You need to decide which of these your God adheres to. You can't claim both assertions are simultaneously true. They're mutually exclusive.

      • Guest says:

        Yes, that's right. God's omnipotence means He can do anything He wants. He created everything. It's His universe and He can make the rules. If you don't like His rule for being saved, then that will be too bad for you. His "path" for salvation is not the same as His "will" that no one perish. God's ways are too high for you to comprehend, sir. Read His Word.

        • PsiCop says:

          Re: "God's omnipotence means He can do anything He wants."

          Well, then, bully for him. Wa hoo. But the same goes for almost anything … like a sculptor. I'm sure it's all great that a sculptor can demolish any statue he makes … but is that really an accomplishment of which he can be proud? Moreover, would it even make sense for a sculptor to make a lot of statues only to destroy them, solely for the purpose of expressing his power to destroy what he makes?

          In other words … why would I be impressed with this?

          Re: "If you don't like His rule for being saved, then that will be too bad for you."

          Your threat of eternal perdition is noted, but dismissed as an attempt at inflicting psychological terror. Your threats of damnation do not impress me.

          Re: "His 'path' for salvation is not the same as His 'will' that no one perish."

          Illogical. It's inconsistent for your God to have set out a "path" that does not coincide with his "will." You're asking me to accept that the Almighty is absurd being that uses methods that thwart his own goals. That also does not impress me.

          Re: "God's ways are too high for you to comprehend, sir."

          Yet you tell me what they are. Or you pretend to, at least. Sorry, but that irrational and even juvenile kind of argument also does not impress me. (Are you seeing a pattern here, yet?)

          Re: "Read His Word."

          I have done so. I assure you, I know it better than you do. In fact, I've read the New Testament in its original Greek, to the point where I can recite and type parts of it in that language. If you need proof of that, here: εν αρχη ην ο λογος και ο λογος ην προς τον θεον και θεος ην ο λογος ουτος ην εν αρχη προς τον θεον

          I absolutely have read the Bible. Every last word of it. That I disagree with you about what it says, or about its veracity, does not mean I have not read it. It simply means I disagree with you.

          Get over it.

          • Guest says:

            God does not create robots. He loves us enough to give us a choice. You have made yours.

          • PsiCop says:

            Your God says, essentially, "Worship me, sight-unseen, solely because I demand it, or else I'll torture you eternally." That's not a "choice." It's a threat. It's terrorism.

            I already explained to you that I do not care about your attempts at inflicting psychological terror on me. Yet you persist with this trope. With every response you leave here, you keep providing evidence that no moral person has any business worshipping the deity you call your God. Terrorists should be opposed at every step, not worshipped. Yes, even if they're cosmic almighty creator-god terrorists. A terrorist is still a terrorist no matter how powerful s/he may be.

            If you want to convince me that your God is worthy of my worship, you will have to do better than this. My guess is, you can't … because spewing threats of eternal damnation at people is all you know how to do. Your religion is so primitive, and your brain so straitjacketed by the savagery of it, that you haven't the ability to do anything else.

  2. Guest says:

    I'm not trying to convince you of anything about my God. That is the Holy Spirit's work. My part is to proclaim Jesus and His Word. That is what I'm doing. He is altogether lovely, and worthy to be praised. You are free to worship anything or nothing. We all make our own choices.

    • PsiCop says:

      Sorry to put it this way, but I have a hard time buying that you are not "trying to convince me of anything" yet you're here "to proclaim Jesus and His Word." I honestly have no idea if he's worthy of worship since every Christian out there seems to have his or her idea of who he was; they don't always agree; and their claims about God … such as your almighty cosmic terrorist … are most certainly not worthy of worship.

      If it's the Holy Spirit's job to convince me he's worthy of worship, then he's not doing a very good job of it. I figure if he has something to say to me, he'll say it to my face, and not hide like a little sniveling coward, or work through intermediaries who can't manage to explain who or what he is.

  3. Guest says:

    Some worshipped Him and some doubted Him. (Matt 28:17) That is the way it has been for over 2000 years.

    • PsiCop says:

      Not only do you concede that the Holy Spirit hasn't done his/her/its job effectively, but that it has failed to do so for some two millennia at least. Wow.

      And you still think this God of yours is omnipotent? The evidence strongly leans against that conclusion.

  4. Guest says:

    I don't think, I KNOW God is omnipotent. You admit to being in the group of doubters. Debate ended.

    • PsiCop says:

      Wow. How astonishingly mature of you to "end" this debate without you having demonstrated a damn thing, other than you arrogate to yourself the role of final and conclusive arbiter of reality.

      Consider how your attempt at "argument" (I use that term loosely) applies to topics other than the Christian God:

      "I don't think, I KNOW 2+2=5. You admit to being in the group of those who think 2+2=4. Debate ended. …"


      "I don't think, I KNOW the sky is red. You admit to being in the group of those who think it's blue. Debate ended. …"


      "I don't think, I KNOW the world is flat. You admit to being in the group of those who think it's a sphere. Debate ended. …"


      "I don't think, I KNOW the moon is made of green cheese. You admit to being in the group of those who think it's mostly rock. Debate ended. …"

      When you come here to tell me what reality is, at least make some attempt to demonstrate it, with evidence. Otherwise you'll be laughed out of here like the conceited fool you appear to be. OK?