Finally … after almost 2 years of near-constant sniping, posturing, nuancing, yammering, bellyaching, and frequent taking of umbrage, the election is over! The pollster calls are done (I received well over a dozen just in the month of October, I assume I’m on someone’s list of “likely voters”), as well as the robocalls (most of the ones I received dealt with Question 1 on the Connecticut ballot, but one informed me that John McCain crashed several airplanes and can’t be trusted to pilot the country). This means it’s time to look back and see what we learned — or should have learned — from 20 months or so of horror:

First, the Republicans shot themselves in the foot, by not distancing themselves sufficiently from Bush. They essentially allowed the Democrats to elevate each and every GOP candidate in every race to the level of Bush’s co-president and blamed him/her for everything Bush did wrong. Their collective failure to sever themselves from Bush proved to be stunningly stupid. One wonders why they performed collective suicide in this way … and there is only one answer: the Religious Right™. They know the evangelical Protestants still worship Bush — in spite of the man’s monumental idiocy, inability to accept reality, and obstinate refusal to listen to anyone who knows what s/he’s talking about — and they also believed they needed their support in order to win. Well, guess what — the evangelicals weren’t enough. They found this out back in 2006 when they suffered a number of electoral setbacks, but like their hero Bush, refused to acknowledge reality. Way to go, Republicans, you’ve just relegated yourselves to irrelevance.

Second, for most of 2008, Obama’s supporters have made the president-elect into a religious figure. Sure, talk-radio windbags like Limbaugh sarcastically refer to Obama as “the Messiah” — but as the saying goes, even a broken clock is right twice a day, and in this case the windbags are correct — Obama is, in fact, regarded as a prophet. This is, of course, thoroughly ironic, since many on the Left who supported him are non-religious. One wonders if there is any way that an ordinary human being could live up to the expectations they’ve made about Obama. He’d best walk on the water of the Reflecting Pool and part the Potomac on the day he takes office, or he’ll be in trouble! Although I’m glad that the Republicans have been “spanked” for having appealed to religiosity and emotion, let’s be honest, the Democrats have done much the same (though in a very different way). The Obama-messianism is nearly as disturbing as anything the Religious Right™ has done, and ultimately is not very comforting.

Third, perhaps most poignantly, Liddy Dole, who ran an ad I already blogged about, paid the ultimate political price for having done so, and lost what had been, just a few months ago, a guaranteed re-election. Far from being shamed by this, Dole is actually defiant about it:

In her concession speech, Dole (wife of former Republican presidential nominee Bob Dole) made no apologies and continued to play the God card.

She used religion to take a dig at Hagan one more time. Dole subtly invoked her infamous “godless” ad when she talked about the need to sacrifice for “one nation under God” and received rousing applause.

What a bitch. Don’t let the door hit you in the rear on your way out of the Senate, Liddy.

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