The relentless censorship of anything that can be taken to be irreligious continues, this time in southern California:

Complaints have led to removal of an atheist group’s “Imagine No Religion” billboard in Rancho Cucamonga.

The General Outdoor sign company took down the Freedom From Religion Foundation billboard on Thursday after the city asked if there was a way to get it removed. Redevelopment director Linda Daniels says they got 90 complaints.

My first thought on reading this was, “Why was it the redevelopment director who asked for it to be taken down?” If the city as an entity wanted it down, a mayor or other executive would have made the call. A redevelopment director … ? It makes little sense, unless the “90 calls” came from businesses who feared the billboard somehow made the city look bad.

At any rate, this situation makes me ask yet another question … “Why are religionists so afraid of any public message which is somehow irreligious?” What, exactly, are they afraid of? How, exactly, are they harmed by the presence of the FFRF billboard? Why are religious folk so immature and insecure in their beliefs that they cannot tolerate anything that questions it? I dare anyone to show me what possible harm could come from this billboard.

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