So much for Barack Obama’s vaunted plans to “change” the country. Rather than shutter Bush 43’s Office of Faith-Based Initiatives — a bad idea if ever there was one, which necessarily entangled religion and government — Obama plans to keep it in place, as Politico reports:

Obama plans to install a principal campaign adviser on religious affairs, Joshua DuBois, to lead a revamped office of faith-based initiatives, according to sources familiar with the decision. …

Aides are nearing the final stages of discussions on how to structure and staff the White House faith-based program and religious outreach. Faith leaders who have been consulted by the White House said they expect an announcement within a week. The New York Times first reported the appointment Thursday.

That’s the way to “change” the country, Mr President … keep in place one of your predecessor’s worst ideas, ’cause we gotta keep pandr’in’ ta dem dere believer-folk.

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