Sure, the ferocious fundamentalist Muslim cadre known as “the Taliban” led by the one-eyed freak Mullah Omar — has been out of power in Afghanistan since late 2001, but they’ve made a resurgence over the last couple of years, and let’s be honest, their hyperfundamentalist mentality hasn’t remains in place, as vigorous as it was back when the Taliban were welcomed by Afghans as their rulers back in the ’90s:

No one knows who brought the book to the mosque, or at least no one dares say.

The pocket-size translation of the Quran has already landed six men in prison in Afghanistan and left two of them begging judges to spare their lives. They’re accused of modifying the Quran and their fate could be decided Sunday in court.

The trial illustrates what critics call the undue influence of hardline clerics in Afghanistan, a major hurdle as the country tries to establish a lawful society amid war and militant violence.

So while the country has a new government — a more democratic one, led by President Hamid Karzai — it seems that Afghanistan is still enslaved to fundamentalist thinking, to the point of killing people over scripture. Is that progress? I don’t see how it could be called that; the Taliban may as well still be in charge, if that’s the case.

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