Conservative columnist Rod Dreher wrote a piece for USA Today’s “On Religion” blog which is about as reprehensible a piece of journalism as I have ever seen. He actually believes that, because knowing the truth about a religious organization can break its followers’ faith, it is best for them to know nothing about that group’s corruption (in the piece, he speaks here of Father Richard John Neuhaus, a Catholic priest who vociferously defended his Church over its cover-up of the priestly-pedophilia scandal some years ago):

The details of the Catholic sex abuse scandal nearly destroyed my Christian faith. In a painful spiritual epiphany, I learned that the whole truth does not always deliver a greater good. …

Are there things people don’t need to know? I do not believe Father Neuhaus was a cynic; he really did believe that there were certain things that ought to be concealed from the public for the greater good. And though it might be heresy for a journalist to say, as a matter of general principle, I agree with him.

Here is the comment I posted, in response, on that blog entry:

It is staggering that a journalist could actually argue that an active cover-up of definitely-immoral and possibly-illegal activity, within a large multinational organization — with complicity going on at all levels of said organization — is actually a good thing.

Sorry but I do not get it. Dreher needs to resign as a journalist and never work in that field again, if he truly believes this. Moreover, any religion that demands its believers never question it — as Dreher believes the Catholic Church requires, and which he believes to be a spiritual benefit to its followers — is not one to which any moral human being ought belong.

It’s absolutely pathetic the depths people will dive into, in order to maintain and rationalize their religious beliefs. If religiosity can overcome a journalist’s own desire to uncover the truth of human affairs, then it is something that humanity can and must reject and learn to do without. Immediately.

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