There’s a story behind this item; it won’t make sense until it’s explained. So please bear with me while I provide the backstory.

In Connecticut, proposed legislation (RB 1098) had been under consideration by the General Assembly’s Judiciary Committee. It would alter the organizational structure of Roman Catholic parishes in Connecticut to make them financially accountable to parishioners. The bill was requested by Catholics in Connecticut who had concerns about Church finances in the wake of a scandal in which a Darien priest had stolen some $1.4 million dollars from his parish, because of a lack of independent financial oversight. Catholic bishops responded to parishioners’ concerns and requests to have oversight by telling them to go jump in a lake.

Now, we all know that good Catholics obey their bishops without question or complaint. But a few of them turned out not to have been that doctrinaire; they dared to go over the bishops’ heads and asked the legislature to intervene.

Connecticut’s bishops responded, not by addressing the failure of financial oversight in their dioceses and parishes, but instead by directing priests to order their parishioners to deluge the state capitol with their fury and outrage. Given that so many of Connecticut’s Catholics are the dutiful sort who always do as they’re instructed without thinking about it, the sanctimony was palpable, and the legislators reviewing RB 1098 decided to table it. This means the matter is closed and the results were in the bishops’ favor.

Now to the meat of this blog entry:

One would think the bishops and the mindlessly-obedient Catholics who slaver and drool over their every word, would have been happy with this victory. It turns out, however, that they are not quite done venting their outrage over the matter. They’ve decided to go ahead with a planned rally, even though they have already won this fight, as the Hartford Courant reports:

More than 4,000 Catholics from around the state stood in the drizzle on the north lawn of the state Capitol this morning to protest a bill that would have changed the way the church governs itself.

The bill, initially scheduled for a public hearing today before the legislature’s judiciary committee, was pulled amid questions over its constitutionality.

I have no idea what the point is of rallying against a bill that’s been tabled and effectively dead. This rally is gratuitous and as such, immature.

A more mature response on the bishops’ part would have been to admit that financial oversight had, in fact, been lax enough that a parish priest could have stolen $1.4 million from his own parish, and actually sit down and talk with parishioners who were concerned about it. But that would have meant conceding to the Catholic laity … and the Catholic Church, still mired as it is in medieval authoritarian philosophy, cannot and will not do so.

Holding this rally despite the death of RB 1098, tends to confirm my suspicion that Connecticut’s Catholic bishops are trying to grow their own political power (see this blog entry and this one, too) and hammer the state government into obeying Catholic dogma at every step … even if not everyone in the state is Catholic.

(So much for the “religious freedom” the protesters claim to be standing up for. Sure, they’re in favor of “religious freedom” — so long as the state is ruled according to Catholic doctrine. Typical Christian hypocrites!)

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