On top of the rest of the brouhaha in Hartford over the Catholic church, about which I’ve blogged a few times already, TV station Fox 61 in Hartofrd reports the state’s capitol police are investigating what they call credible death threats against the legislators at the heart of the controversy:

Capitol Police Chief Mike Fallon says his department is investigating a serious threat, sent in an email, directed at State Representative Mike Lawlor and Senator Andrew McDonald.

Both Democratic Lawmakers have take [sic] a lot of heat during the past few days concerning a recent bill they were set to hear, as co-chairs of the Judiciary Committee, that would have set new guidelines as to how the Catholic Church controls its finances.

That’s the way, guys. Don’t like something, threaten those responsible. What a fantastic way to express one’s Christian beliefs. Keep it up … definitely. You guys are living down to all my expectations of religionists.

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