If there’s anything worse than a recession, it’s the idiotic and irrational things people do in order to deal with it. Example: People are turning to psychics in large numbers in order to find out how to navigate difficult times, as USA Today reports (WebCite cached article):

Valerie Morrison has less time for love these days. The Philadelphia psychic says clients who once obsessed about romantic prospects are too worried about their economic future.

Executives inquire about layoffs. Restaurateurs ask if people will still go out to eat. Homeowners want real estate tips.

Way to go people. When in doubt, turn to phonies to find the truth. That will help … not! The story continues:

“Men and women are calling psychics who never thought they would call a psychic,” says Maryanne Fiedler, marketing director of Psychic Source, an online network of 165 clairvoyants who consult by phone. Many have lost jobs or retirement savings. Fiedler says her psychics don’t give investment advice. “We’re trying to ease their anxieties,” she says, by offering “reassurance.”

Another less ethical — and less “reassurance”-oriented — psychic is dispensing investment advice:

Nina Melrose, 42, a Dallas soothsayer who reads palms and Tarot cards, advises clients on which stocks to buy, basing her picks “solely on my psychic ability.” She declined to say how prescient she had been.

Gee, I wonder why she won’t say how well her investment advice works? Could it be that her advice is no better than blind chance?

Note to financial-oversight agencies in Texas: You might want to consider investigating whether or not Ms Melrose is acting as an unlicensed financial advisor.

Other stories on this disturbing irrational trend:

Hopefully Americans will eventually catch on to the scam that “psychics” are involved in and become mature enough to face their problems on their own, using rational information from bona fide advisors.

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