I blogged a little while ago about legislators here in Connecticut having been threatened because they dared consider potential legislation (RB 1098) that would have affected Catholic parish finances within the state.

Well, the Capitol Police have a suspect and made an arrest, as WTIC-TV in Hartford reports:

The State Capitol Police Department charged a New Britain man with harassment after he allegedly sent a threatening email to two state legislators. …

An investigation determined Kane sent the email which “made reference to the residences of the two legislators insinuating retaliation for their position on Senate Bill 1098 pertaining to the Roman Catholic Church, along with other derogatory statements.”

I’m mildly surprised by this news, because prosecutors and police in Connecticut have historically been reluctant to investigate or arrest anyone connected with the Catholic Church. For instance, in 1993 state police had been informed of allegations that the Rev Stephen Foley, a priest in Glastonbury, had molested children. The archdiocese of Hartford took these allegations seriously enough to summarily remove him as a pastor; but they left him as chaplain to the state police and fire departments (assuming, I guess, that he represented no danger to adults). The state police and the chief state’s attorney refused to investigate or prosecute him, however, and in fact the police allowed him to drive a siren- and light-bar equipped cruiser that he was not normally entitled to have as a chaplain.

Later it was revealed that Foley had used his tricked-out pseudo-cruiser (that state police had to give him special permission to drive) to lure children to him at crime or fire scenes, and the archdiocese — after having shuffled him to Virginia and actively shielding him from lawsuitsfinally settled with several plaintiffs over Foley’s misconduct.

At no time in this whole sordid and sad affair, however, did anyone in the state police lift so much as a pinky to stop the Rev Foley. Quite the opposite, they served instead as his enablers and apologists.

That the Connecticut state police would arrest someone for the threats that had been reported, is quite out of character for these unabashed boosters of Catholicism. Maybe this threat has finally given the state police and the state’s attorneys offices the courage to actually do something, this time.

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