The Oklahoma legislature has gone around the bend when it comes to the famous British evolutionary scientist — and more to the point, outspoken atheist — Richard Dawkins. On learning that Dawkins was planning to speak at the University of Oklahoma, Rep. Todd Thomsen sponsored legislation that would denounce Dawkins personally and condemn the teaching of evolution at UOK.

No joke, it really happened.

The intrepid and irrepressible Dawkins appeared anyway, in defiance of Oklahoma’s legislative maneuverings. One would think the matter is now closed …

… but the reactionary Bible-thumpers in the Oklahoma legislature are not done with it. They’ve launched an investigation into the invitation and the expenses surrounding his lecture there:

Well, it’s official: Oklahoma’s state legislature is investigating the University of Oklahoma for hosting a speech by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins. …

Despite their efforts, the legislature failed to prevent Dawkins from speaking on March 6 to an audience of thousands at the University of Oklahoma.

Last week, however, I received multiple reports that the legislature was now investigating the speech, and I wrote the University of Oklahoma President David Boren directly asking to know if this was true.

Sure enough, I just received confirmation today in a letter from the Open Records Office at the University of Oklahoma. The letter confirms that on the day of Dawkins’ speech, Oklahoma State Representative Rebecca Hamilton requested substantial information relating to the speech from Vice President for Governmental Relations Danny Hilliard.

Although Dawkins was not paid for his appearance, it seems the reactionaries are still incensed that Oklahoma taxpayer money was spent helping this vile, spawn-of-Satan evolution-teacher present his (GASP!) unabashedly atheistic views.

You may also remember that about one year ago, another Oklahoma legislator, Rep. Sally Kern, launched a ridiculous diatribe against gays, which included just about every anti-gay cliche statement you can name (listen to it at ABC News). Among the factually-incorrect statements she made was that homosexuality-accepting societies never lasted more than “a few decades.” This contradicts known history — e.g. the Greek civilization accepted certain practices, but they lasted for centuries as a distinct entity; and Greek civilization didn’t even die off, it morphed into the larger Greco-Roman world, which has in turn become the occidental culture we now enjoy.

Maybe it’s just me, but I wonder if these ferocious religionazis in Oklahoma shouldn’t just grow up already and find better things to do with their state’s time?

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