A Welsh couple in the UK has gotten government funding to start their business as psychics, as the BBC reports:

A decision to give taxpayers’ money to a help a couple set up a business as psychic mediums has been criticised.

Paul and Deborah Rees, from Bridgend, claim they have been given £4,500 from Want2Work, which aims to help people on benefits get back to work.

They know they can make a business of being psychics, because it’s their heritage, and they’ve done it before:

“It was something my grandparents did,” said Mr Rees, a former upholsterer at a furniture firm.

Mr Rees said he and his wife had worked as mediums for years but had to give up about 18 months ago while Mrs Rees battled a spinal disease and he acted as her carer.

As one would expect, the Reeses defended their “business” as legitimate:

“If you want to educate yourself and the science behind it, this is becoming a very popular subject — the public are needing it and wanting it at these uncertain times,” said Mrs Rees.

I hate to break it to Mr Rees, but 1) there is no “science behind” being a psychic; and 2) just because people turn to something during “uncertain times,” does not grant it any veracity.

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