The state of Iowa now has something in common with my home state of Connecticut, along with Massachusetts and California* — its Supreme Court just handed down a decision which will allow gay marriage in that state (as the New York Times reports):

Iowa became the first state in the Midwest to approve same-sex marriage on Friday, after the Iowa Supreme Court unanimously decided that a 1998 law limiting marriage to a man and a woman was unconstitutional.

The decision was the culmination of a four-year legal battle that began with a suit filed on behalf of six same-sex couples in the lower courts.

The Supreme Court said same-sex marriages could begin in Iowa in as soon as 21 days, making Iowa only the third state in the nation, along with Massachusetts and Connecticut, to legalize gay marriage.

The Times article goes on to explain that this decision won’t be remedied soon, if at all:

Same-sex marriages will be permitted in Iowa for at least two years, because the legislative process required to overturn the ruling would take that long. A constitutional amendment would require the state legislature to approve a ban on same-sex marriage in two consecutive sessions after which voters would have a chance to weigh in. Despite opposition to the ruling by Republican lawmakers, Democrats, who control the legislature, have given no indication that they intend to introduce such an amendment.

Congratulations, people of Iowa. You’ve joined the 21st century!

* The California Supreme Court had also made a decision permitting gay marriage, but this was undone by a constitutional-amendment referendum approved by California voters this past November. The campaign to roll back this decision was led, in part, by the leadership of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, apparently unable — in their immaturity — to handle this decision. So they spent millions of dollars on a propaganda campaign and had it undone. Isn’t it nice of them to impose their immaturity and hyperreligiosity on an entire state? It’s also a pretty costly conniption fit!

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