The Taliban have had quite enough of we meddling, reprobate, infidel westerners telling them what they shouldn’t do, and are fighting back over the legalized rape law they rammed through the Afghanistan government — the one I blogged about already. Fox News reports on a Shi’a cleric who’s championing the law in spite of the criticism:

A key backer of an Afghan law that critics say legalizes marital rape and rolls back women’s rights rejected an international outcry as foreign meddling on Saturday and insisted the law offers women many protections.

The law, passed last month, says a husband can demand sex with his wife every four days unless she is ill or would be harmed by intercourse, and regulates when and for what reasons a wife may leave her home alone.

“It is essential for the woman to submit to the man’s sexual desire,” the law says.

This champion of the law knows, of course, that it is good, even beneficial to women, and even has proof!

Surrounded by supporters, [Afghan cleric Mohammad Asif] Mohseni unfurled reams of paper with hundreds of women’s signatures and thumbprints backing the law.

Now, I ask you … given that these women likely had no choice but to sign their names, because their husbands and/or fathers ordered them to do so, do you have any confidence they genuinely agreed that they “need” this law?

I didn’t think so. What a manipulative creep this guy is.

Now … this is another of those cases when I could not find any source for this story other than Fox News. Something similar happened last week when I was trying to source another blog entry. Fox News appears to be the only source for certain types of news. There may be something going on here; I’ll investigate and keep everyone apprised.

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