Rick Warren was supposed to have appeared on George Stephanopoulos’s show yesterday (Sunday, April 11, 2009), but he canceled at the last minute, as George disclosed to viewers:

For those of you tuning in this morning expecting to hear from Pastor Rick Warren, we were too, but the pastor’s representatives canceled moments before the scheduled interview, saying that Mr. Warren is sick from exhaustion.

Gee, I wonder if this decision might not have had something to do with his having been caught lying to Larry King a little over a week ago (as I blogged about already). Maybe his “exhaustion” comes from having been up all night with his handlers trying to come up with yet another lie to explain the already-outrageous lie he told Larry King.

Just once I would love to see one of these sniveling, craven liars “man up” for once, ‘fess up to their dishonesty, admit they wrong, apologize for having done so, and promise not to do it again.

Just once I’d like to see it. Would it really kill any of them to do so? About the only example of this that I can think of, was in late 1998 when then-House speaker-elect Bob Livingston (R-LA) apologized and resigned — not just as speaker-elect, but from Congress altogether — when Larry Flynt threatened to reveal the Congressman had had an extramarital affair. That was nearly 11 years ago. In all that time we have yet to hear a public figure ever honestly or candidly admit to doing anything wrong. It’s always “deny, deny, deny,” until finally the proof is so overwhelming that it can no longer be denied … yet even then some continue to claim innocence (e.g. Rod Blagojevich).

It would be nice if a spokesman for Christ — as Warren claims to be! — actually managed to show the kind of humility Jesus himself demanded of his followers, as he did in the Sermon on the Mount (you know … the meek shall inherit the earth and all of that). I guess it’s just another example of how Christians refuse to obey the instructions Jesus himself gave them. I have no idea why they dig their heels in on it as often as they do, but apparently they see nothing wrong with it.

Time for Warren to grow up, act his age, take his lumps, and move on. Or … he can remain a sniveling, cowardly little boy. His choice.

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