I almost cannot believe this one, but here it is. The folks at Answers In Genesis, a fundamentalist Christian apologetics outfit, have decided they know what’s wrong with America’s youth. They know why some of them go on shooting sprees and others don’t. The shooters, you see, are all atheists, according to a video they released. And these wicked atheists shoot people because they don’t believe in God, so why shouldn’t they just kill everyone they ever come across?

The logic here is bizarre enough that I wondered if this video wasn’t a joke or a hoax being played on them by someone else. But I went to their Web site and saw this video referenced there, so it’s not some sort of “Internet set-up.” This is real, and it’s a video they produced and have released on the Internet. Here it is, from YouTube:

The words of the narrator are as ominous as the boy pointing the gun straight at the viewer: “If you don’t matter to God, you don’t matter to anyone.”

This is chilling, folks. Do they truly, honestly think all atheist youth are violent, murderous sociopaths? I almost feel like asking if these people are for real … but they are, since they really did create this.

It’s all part of the religionist mantra that humans somehow “needs God” in order to get along with others. That there are millions of atheists in the country, but only a handful of murderous rampages of the sort alluded to in the video each year, should automatically make one wonder if there could be a one-to-one association between atheism and violent, murderous sociopathy. But little things like “numbers” don’t mean anything to fanatical religionists … so that never occurred to them.

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