Pardon the slight diversion from the usual topic of this blog. This does, however, touch tangentially on something I’ve mentioned many times previously, which is the infantilizing of the United States and the furious immaturity that has taken hold of public discourse in this country. I’m referring to the latest flare-up in the longstanding feud between two cable-news talking heads, Keith Olbermann and Bill O’Reilly.

Howard Kurtz at the Washington Post lays out the narrative of this feud. He exposes the vast immaturity and bone-headed stubbornness of both of these guys, their production staffs, and the networks they work for. I will leave the details of this inexcusable dust-up to Kurtz, rather than quote it here … there are too many incidents for me to go into each of them here.

Suffice it to say that both of these guys are being sanctimonious pricks. Each believes he possesses the moral authority and mandate to drive the other off the air. All attempts at trying to mitigate the childishness of their feud, have collapsed under the weight of this perceived moral authority (e.g. Olbermann believed, after the assassination of Dr Tiller, that he no longer needed to live up to their previous accord negotiated by their bosses).

Please, if anyone knows what useful purpose is served by the childish antics and hyperbolic sanctimoniousness of either O’Reilly or Olbermann, please tell me … because I’m not seeing it. I suggest that, instead of trying to reach some kind of gentleman’s agreement between their two networks, Immelt and Ailes should hire a couple of reality-show nannies to reparent these two overgrown children — and if needed, spank them until they grow the hell up.

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