Christians love to view themselves as martyrs. They almost can’t help but do so. Jesus, the founder of their religion, died “for the cause” if you will, so they consider it a sign of their own piety for them to be persecuted for their faith, thus reflecting him. This desire to be martyrs goes back to the earliest days of Christianity, and has never let up since then.

We can add yet another name to the list of Christians who claim to have been persecuted for being Christians: Carrie Prejean, former Miss California USA. I’ve blogged several times about her antics before, including the loss of her title.

Ms Prejean and her attorney decided she’s been out of the spotlight too long, so she is suing the pageant for having to let her go, as CNN reports:

Carrie Prejean has filed a lawsuit against Miss California USA officials who stripped her of her title, accusing them of libel and religious discrimination for her views on same-sex marriage.

“We will make the case that her title was taken from her solely because of her support of traditional marriage,” her attorney, Charles LiMandri, said in a news release.

The problem is, that’s a lie. The pageant dumped her because she refused to make pageant-arranged appearances, and instead jetted around the country making herself the darling of the Religious Right and caterwauling about how she was mistreated:

When Prejean, 22, was dethroned in June, [pageant official Keith] Lewis said it was for “contract violations,” including missed public appearances.

He said then it wasn’t one thing Prejean did, but “many, many, many things.”

“She came to us and said I’m not interested in your input; I’ll make my own decision what I’m going to do,” Lewis told CNN’s Larry King in June. “You know, when you have a contract, when you’re working for someone, you have a responsibility to follow through on what that requirement is.”

Lewis said it was clear “she was not interesting in upholding the title or the responsibilities.”

This is especially ingracious of her, since the pageant had already given her a second chance, as CNN further explains:

Miss USA pageant owner Donald Trump announced in May that Prejean could keep her title despite a controversy over topless photos, missed appearances and her statements against same-sex marriage.

Trump later reversed himself.

“I told Carrie she needed to get back to work and honor her contract with the Miss California USA organization, and I gave her the opportunity to do so,” Trump said. “Unfortunately, it just doesn’t look like it is going to happen, and I offered Keith my full support in making this decision.”

It’s time for Ms Prejean and her attorney to stop lying about her own conduct, admit she failed to live up to her responsibilities, and accept the consequences of having made that choice, like a mature adult. That they refuse to do so, and instead represent her (falsely) as a martyr, places them squarely in my “lying liars for Jesus” club.

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