In case you haven’t figured it out by now, Fox News’s latest star, Glenn Beck, has finally gone around the bend. He’s lost it. Completely. Here’s video of him going berserk over supposed godlessness in the US:

I’ve transcribed his initial remarks, which are really the most important part of his puke, the rest is just frosting on the cake:

America, how have we arrived at this place? Is it capitalism that has failed you? Is it the evil, greedy corporations? Is it because there’s no cap-&-trade, no healthcare, not enough social justice? … Or is it the fact that, as some of our money doesn’t say now, God is no longer trusted in America?

Like any good Religious Right wing-nut, Beck doesn’t let little things like “facts” get in the way of his sanctimonious, hyperemotional tirade. Right at the start, he (erroneously) alludes to the urban legend that “In God We Trust” is no longer being put on American coinage. This is false, as Beckie-boy would have figured out, had he taken half a second to go to Snopes, which has pages about this rumor as applied to dollar coins and the new pennies.

Mr Beck, it is by no means true that “God is no longer trusted in America.” The vast majority of the US population remains firmly theistic in nature, as the ARIS 2008 survey by Trinity College makes clear. OK, they may not be the fundamentalist thinkers you love so much, or a Mormon like yourself … but most Americans definitely are theists of one sort or another.

Moreover, Mr Beck, this country is not run by non-believers, as you would have us think. There are no non-believers in any major office in the country … i.e. state governors, in Congress, the White House, or the Cabinet … except for one (Pete Stark, representative from California, is the only one who even comes close).

Beckie boy, it is not “the godless” who caused any of the great ills you rave about. Not by any means.

The truth is that you, Beckie boy, and all your fellow theists, have collectively managed to run this country into the ground … all by your hyperreligious selves! Don’t go blaming “godlessness” for what you and your fellow theists have done.

Oh, and do try to get at least some of your facts straight before you go on television and bellyache about what your Religious Right friends and colleagues have done … OK?

You don’t fool me, Beckie boy. You’re as transparent as a sheet of glass. I can see your Howard Beale act for what it is. Moreover, your beliefs do not grant you a metaphysical license to lie (neither about coins nor “godlessness”). It’s time you and the rest of your ilk grew up — for the first time in your sniveling little lives — if you can somehow summon the integrity required to do so. Personally, I don’t think you even possess the mettle to admit your factual error about the country’s motto not being on some coins.

Hat tip: The Friendly Atheist blog and the Pharyngula blog.

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