It’s possible that the forces of Antivax have two more advocates in the mass media … Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. I say “possible” because at the moment the only source I can find for this, is an outfit called Media Matters, which is ideologically Leftist and cannot always be trusted. Media Matters reports they’re making some bizarre claims (the following is just a light sampling):

Beck: Vaccine may turn out to be “deadly.” …

Beck: “You don’t know if this is gonna cause neurological damage like it did in the 1970s.” …

Limbaugh: “You’ll be healthier” if you don’t listen to the government. …

Beck suggests government will say “everybody” has to take the flu shot, may “line up” people to get mandatory flu shot.

I’m not sure — despite Beck’s allusion to “neurological damage” — that their objection is even the least bit scientific. They just don’t think people should get the H1N1 vaccine, because the Obama administration thinks people should. It’s just juvenile “my enemy says I should so I won’t!” thinking. So I’m not sure I can put them into the same category as people like Jenny McCarthy, whose objection is to the thimerosol (which is no longer in most vaccines). If John McCain had won the election and his administration were now promoting the H1N1 vaccine, Beck and Limbaugh would no doubt be among the first to line up for a jab.

Just goes to show the lengths of immaturity that ideologues will stoop to, in order to rationalize their views.

Hat tip: Bad Astronomy blog.

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