Fox News’s Sean Hannity is upset. Really upset. Now, that’s not really news. Like his colleague Glenn Beck, Seanie is almost always in full-blown sanctimonious-outrage mode. There are times when he seems barely able to contain his fury, and I honestly wonder sometimes if he’s going to suffer a stroke in the middle of his show. (Not that I want him to suffer one … it just seems he’s making such an effort to control his anger that I wonder if holding back might cause him to have one.)

The thing which is upsetting poor little Seanie right now, are atheists. Specifically, the uppity atheists who refuse to keep their atheism to themselves and have taken out ads to be displayed in the New York City subway system. On his show recently, he railed mindlessly:

If you’ve been riding the New York City subway lately, you may have seen some curious ads plastered on the walls, spreading the word that you can live a great life without God.

Ads like this one are hitting New York City subways, courtesy of a $25,000 ad campaign launched by the group Big Apple Coalition of Reason. According to a spokesman for the group, the ads are meant to inform New Yorkers that, “A million of us have found or created natural morality and lead good, productive and meaningful lives without appeal to religious dogma or God.”

Wow, how incredibly informative.

Can you imagine the outrage if a Christian group put pro-God ads in the New York City subways?

Actually, Seanie, I can imagine “a Christian group putting out pro-God ads.” Not only that, I can point to numerous real-world examples of it! Religious groups — Christian and otherwise — have been advertising their beliefs all around the country — yes, even in New York subways! — for almost as long as the US has been settled. I guess Seanie never saw anyone holding up a “John 3:16” sign at a sporting event, or a “Jesus Saves” neon sign or a scriptural passage on a billboard. And he definitely must have missed the presence of Christian advertising in the New York subway system, such as was photographed here (courtesy of the Subway Sights blog):

Yes, Seanie, Christians do advertise in the NYC subways ... !

Yes, Seanie, Christians absolutely do advertise in the NYC subways … !

I wonder if little baby Seanie will exhibit the integrity and strength of character to admit he was wrong in his complaint? I suppose anything is possible. But I’ll believe it when I see it — somehow I’m not sure Seanie is mature enough to own up to his lie.

Hat tip: Think Progress via Pharyngula.

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