A plan to use South Carolina state-issued license plates to proselytize (something I’d blogged about before) has apparently been dealt a death-blow. The AP reports (via Yahoo News):

Federal judge nixes SC license tag with cross

A federal judge ruled Tuesday that South Carolina can’t issue license plates showing the image of a cross in front of a stained glass window along with the phrase “I Believe.”

U.S. District Judge Cameron Currie’s ruling said the license plate was unconstitutional because it violates the First Amendment ban on establishment of religion by government.

But does this mean anything to Christians hell-bent on using the government to proselytize? No way. They aren’t going to give up doing something the Constitution prohibits:

Within hours, a private Christian group said the ruling doesn’t stand in the way of its “plan B” to get a similar plate issued using a state law that permits private groups to issue tags they design.

Note that these folks were already on warning that what they wanted was impermissible, given the failure of a similar, earlier effort in Florida. But SC Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer didn’t let a little thing like a political precedent prevent him from ramming his religion into the government and onto people’s cars. The judge even noted that what he, personally, did was egregious:

Her [Judge Currie’s] ruling singled out Bauer after he pushed a tag Christian advocates sought in Florida, but legislators there did not approve.

Bauer wanted to accomplish in South Carolina what had been unsuccessful in Florida, Currie wrote: To “gain legislative approval of a specialty plate promoting the majority religion: Christianity. Whether motivated by sincerely held Christian beliefs or an effort to purchase political capital with religious coin, the result is the same. The statute is clearly unconstitutional and defense of its implementation has embroiled the state in unnecessary (and expensive) litigation.”

But like a dutiful Christian theocrat and ardent warrior for the Religious Right, Bauer has rejected Judge Currie’s declaration out-of-hand:

Bauer said he wasn’t surprised by the ruling and would like to see it appealed.

“I don’t expect anything different from a liberal judge who was appointed by Bill Clinton,” Bauer said. “If she wants to single me out, so be it.”

Bauer said it “once again shows how liberal judges are not just interpreting the law but making legislation.”

Curious how it’s always the same old whine when the Religious Right and the Christian theocrats get thwarted in court … the judges never seem to have a valid point, they’re always “liberal automatons” who are reflexively opposed to Christianity from the outset. I say this is “curious” because this reaction is every bit as reflexive as the “liberal judicial bias” they’re complaining about. Seems to me it’s hypocritical of them to condemn someone for being reflexive in their judgement against them but praise themselves for their own reflexive thinking? Jesus himself does not approve of that kind of hypocrisy, and he said so, clearly and unambiguously.

Update: Lt Gov Bauer remains childishly defiant, claiming this ruling “discriminates” against believers. What bullshit. The freedom of believers to say, “I Believe,” and even to put that on their cars, has not been ended. The court’s ruling prevents neither. What it does is to keep the state of South Carolina from using people’s license plates to proselytize. That’s all it does. Mr Bauer, isn’t it time you grew up? For this, Bauer becomes the newest member of my “lying liars for Jesus” club.

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