A quick update on my blog entry from September about the death of US Census worker Bill Sparkman, as reported by the Lexington (KY) Herald-Leader:

A part-time U.S. Census worker found dead near a secluded Clay County cemetery killed himself but tried to make the death look like a murder, authorities have concluded.

Bill Sparkman, 51, of London, apparently was trying to preserve payments under life insurance policies he had taken out, one as recently as May, which paid benefits if he died as a result of murder or accident, but not suicide or natural causes, police said.

This story mentions the furor that erupted at the time Sparkman had been found:

Police believe he staged the details to try to make it appear he was murdered because he was a federal employee.

He succeeded in some quarters.

In addition to causing a firestorm of media coverage, the bizarre details led to widespread speculation on the Internet, including that someone angry at the federal government attacked Sparkman as he gathered census information door to door.

All those who claimed Sparkman had been bumped off by Michele Bachmann-inspired Right-wing Obama-hating socialist-hunting ACORN-fearing “militia types,” turn out to have been wrong.

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