The Almighty has decided to grace this planet with his glorious likeness … on, of all things, a clothes iron belonging to a Methuen, Massachusetts woman. The Boston Globe has the story:

Until this week, Mary Jo Coady had never given her iron a second thought. Then she saw a likeness of Jesus staring back from its not-quite stainless steel bottom.

Startled, Coady called in her daughters, both of them college students, and they saw what she saw. Then she took a picture and posted it on her private Facebook page, giving friends and relatives the same test. Everyone saw Jesus, she said.

“So I said, ‘OK, I’m not crazy,’ ’’ recalled Coady, a 44-year-old who works as a secretary in a medical office. After a challenging couple of years in which she let her Catholic faith wane, Coady found that the image had given her a spiritual boost. So she chose to share it with some others.

For the record I don’t think Ms Coady is “crazy.” I think she is interpreting the appearance of a blob of something on the bottom of her clothes iron as being the face of Jesus. That isn’t insanity or “craziness”; rather, it’s pareidolia, a known psychological phenomenon to which everyone is subject, at one time or another, and which has nothing to do with mental illness, intellect, or anything else of that kind.

For the record, here is a picture of the image in question on her iron:

AP Photo/The Eagle-Tribune, Grant Morris

AP Photo/The Eagle-Tribune, Grant Morris

Having acquired this image — however one believes it arrived there — Ms Coady certainly wasted no time exploiting her Warholian “15 minutes” of fame:

Coady first saw the image Nov. 22. She told The Eagle-Tribune of Lawrence about it and was featured in yesterday’s paper; the Associated Press picked up on it, and by that afternoon a picture of Coady’s iron had appeared on more than 200 news websites. It generated dozens of anonymous comments, and the jeering tone of many of them caught her by surprise.

For all that, however, Ms Coady is kind enough to claim not to be making demands on others:

Coady is not trying to persuade others to see Jesus where she does.

But this seems a little disingenuous to me: If trumpeting this “discovery” to the local newspaper — and being interviewed by every media outlet in Massachusetts — isn’t “trying to persuade others,” I don’t know what is!

At least she’s in good company, because not far away from here in Rhode Island, earlier this year, the Virgin Mary made an appearance in the knots on a piece of wood, and about a year ago the Virgin Mary put in an appearance in a fogged-up window in a hospital in Springfield, MA.

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