Congressman Henry Brown, a Republican from South Carolina, has decided that Christmas is “under attack” and requires federal intervention to protect it. SCNow.Com reports on his proposed resolution:

Congressman Brown introduces resolution to protect sanctity of Christmas

Congressman Henry Brown (R-SC) introduced a resolution Tuesday in Washington to protect the sanctity of Christmas.

According to a press release, Rep. Brown said “This holiday season, I am perplexed by the mounting discussion surrounding the ‘proper’ way to commemorate December 25th. Why are we hard-pressed to say ‘Season’s Greetings’ or ‘Happy Holidays’ yet, urged to avoid pronouncing the Christmas holiday and steered away from wishing others ‘Merry Christmas’?

As a Christian, I feel it is also important that I have the right to celebrate Christmas and observe its significance as a national holiday and I strongly believe that wishing someone ‘Merry Christmas’ should never be met with disapproval.

Brown has pretty much picked up the O’Reilly line that cashiers saying “Merry Christmas” has been outlawed or something. The truth is that it has not happened, and never will. Put plainly, there is no effort underway to discourage anyone from saying “Merry Christmas.” It is not happening anywhere in the country, and I defy Brown — or O’Reilly or anyone else — to show that it is.

Quite the opposite, though … there is, curiously, a documentable effort underway — by Christians! — to coerce people into saying “Merry Christmas,” even against their will (here’s another example of this). Brown and O’Reilly and the rest of their cohorts are lying when they say “Merry Christmas” is being outlawed. It is not. This makes Brown the newest member of my “lying liars for Jesus” club.

One last thing: I’m not aware that “upholding ‘sanctity'” is a bona fide power given to Congress. It’s not the role of a secular government such as ours, to meddle in “sanctity.” If there are any “sanctity enforcers” in the US, it’s churches, sects, and clergy of whatever sort. Countries which do have governmental “sanctity police,” are places like Saudi Arabia or Iran, which are either explicitly or implicitly theocratic. The US is not yet a theocracy — though I doubt most on the Right would mind if it were one.

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