Bill O’Reilly has ramped up his war to force every American to observe Christmas just as he does … regardless of whether or not they are Christians. This time, he sent his producer Jesse Watters to interview school officials in Chelmsford, Mass. who have set policies about a “winter holiday fair” which they don’t like. While Watters appears impressed with himself for his Mike Wallace-style “ambush interviews” and O’Reilly claims this ambush was somehow “fair and balanced.” However, neither of them appears to understand some salient facts:

  1. In case you didn’t know it, Mr Watters, Chelmsford school officials don’t work for you — really! — and they are not answerable to you. They do not have to talk with you. You cannot presume yourself to possess the power to force them to speak with you. Oh — and Mr Watters — I’ve watched Mike Wallace. I’ve watched him all my life. And trust me, you’re no Mike Wallace.

  2. Mr Watters, you say you’re trying to “help the children.” Woops. You’re not. You’re just saying what you want to say and presuming to speak for the children of Chelmsford, so that you can rationalize being there and asking questions of people as though you’re their boss, when you and they know you are not. You don’t even live there, so you have absolutely nothing to say about Chelmsford’s children. To assume that authority is astoundingly irrational of you … and it’s a lie. (So welcome, Mr Watters, to my “lying liars for Jesus” club.)

  3. The people at the school board meeting — who are residents of Chelmsford and do have a say in the matter — nevertheless appear to have problems with fallacies. That “80%” of Chelmsford is Christian, does not entitle them to force everyone else to behave like Christians. That’s a philosophy known as majoritarianism, and it’s based on the fallacy known as “appeal to the masses.” It doesn’t grant you veracity. What it does is show that you can use numbers to bully others.

  4. Also, that schools don’t allow sales of candy canes within their halls, in no way prevents Chelmsford families — and their children — from celebrating Christmas however they wish, in their homes and churches. It just doesn’t.

  5. One parent claimed celebrating Christmas inside the school is “education.” Woops. It’s not. It is, instead, indoctrination and also forced religious observance. Both of these are illegal in US public schools; but even if they weren’t, they would still be thoroughly unethical.

Note to Mr O’Reilly and Mr Watters: I honestly hope you both keep up your campaign to force each and every American to celebrate Christmas — which is a Christian holiday — regardless of whether or not they are themselves Christian. It just makes clear your goal: The voluntary or involuntary conversion of everyone in the US to Christianity. By all means, continue living down to all my expectations of ardent and furious religionists. With your every word and your every move, you continuously display your complete lack of character, morals, ethics, and integrity, as well as your contempt for freedom and rationality.

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