The holiday season is hectic enough, but I’m fairly sure the world could have done without this. A cadre of masked anti-Semites tried to disrupt a menorah-lighting in Fairfield, CT a few days ago. The Connecticut Post reports on this deplorable incident:

Masked men disrupt Hanukkah ceremony with Nazi flags, obscenities

Pouring rain failed to dampen the spirts of a small group of families huddled on the Sherman Green gazebo to light a menorah on the third night of Hanukkah Sunday.

Neither did three masked men, who carrying Nazi flags and shouting obscenities, tried to disrupt the ceremony until they fled when police arrived.

Their masks and their flight showed a great deal of cowardice on their part:

When police showed up, the men left in a car headed west on the Post Road with police trailing behind them. It is unclear if the men were stopped by police.

Rabbi Shlame Landa (of Chabad of Fairfield), who staged the event, did — by contrast — exhibit more than a little courage, though, and even offered a classy response:

Landa said it wasn’t a stretch to feel a little by like the Maccabees — on whom the story of Hanukkah is based. After battling religious persecution in 60 B.C.E., a small band of Jews lit a nine branched candelabra called a menorah to help resanctify their temple. The menorah is lit each night during the eight-day festival.

“We continue that battle,” said Landa. “The way we chose to battle darkness is to add a little bit more light. By doing a little bit more goodness is how we fight people who hate. That is what we tried to do tonight.”

It appears that brazen* anti-Semitism is not dead yet, not even in a mostly-enlightened northeastern state like Connecticut. More’s the pity.

Hat tip: Creedible blog.

* Yet, not quite brazen enough that any of them would like to be identified. Reminds me of all those Middle Eastern insurgents and terrorists who film videos of themselves, but with their faces obscured, so that no one knows who they are. That’s cowardly, too.

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