Frank Schaeffer — former soldier of the Religious Right, who left that movement due to its excesses — penned an “open letter” from the perspective of Jesus himself, addressed to “Christian America” (i.e. Religious Rightists). It’s a stunning indictment of their beliefs and behavior, which outlines their hypocrisy, and explains how they’ve become everything Jesus himself preached against.

I urge everyone to read this open letter in its entirety, in order to see all the points Schaeffer makes. I do not presume to be able to speak for him, nor do I want to detract from his open letter. So I will instead offer just a few of the most stunning portions, plus a brief comment of my own:

You American Christians utterly defaced the name of Christianity with your racism, your slavery and your bigotry against women. And now you’re doing it again in your war against gay men and women and in your war against the poor who have no health care. Some of you even have had it as part of your wicked program to reestablish the Biblical law demanding death to gay people that I clearly showed must be broken by the greater law of love. Well, as you judge so you will be judged. Good luck with that! …

You are like the Pharisees I used to know and who strained out the least gnat of others’ so-called misbehavior while turning a blind eye to their own wickedness, hypocrisy and lies. Remember my sayings about taking the beam out of your own eye before removing the speck from your brother’s? …

If I walked here on Earth again with you, you’d kill me again, just as you are going to kill all that is good in my name, just as some of you are praying for the death of your president who you even call “Anti-Christ.”

Schaeffer’s best paragraph is the last:

Please come up with a new name for whatever you are. Drop the word “Christ” out of your name. You’ve destroyed my reputation.

In the course of his open letter, Schaeffer (as “Jesus”) dresses down the Religious Right for its compulsion to be hypocritical, as well as the movement’s drift toward dominionism. These are two things I’ve remarked on many times here. It’s nice to see that someone who was once deep inside the Religious Right movement, agrees with me on its flaws.

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