Believe it or not, even after more than 4 years have gone by, there remain Muslims so incensed over the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoon controversy that they continue trying to kill those involved in it. The New York Times reports on a recent — and thankfully unsuccessful — attempt on the life of one of the cartoonists (WebCite cached article):

Police foiled an attempt to kill an artist who drew a cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad that sparked outrage in the Muslim world, the head of Denmark’s intelligence service said Saturday.

Jakob Scharf, who heads the PET intelligence service, said a 28-year-old Somalia man was armed with an ax and a knife when he attempted to enter Kurt Westergaard’s home in Aarhus shortly after 10 p.m. (2100 GMT) on Friday.

The attack on the artist, whose rendering was among 12 that led to the torching of Danish diplomatic offices in predominantly Muslim countries in 2006, was ”terror related,” Scharf said in a statement.

For those who may not have seen any of the cartoons in question — the occidental media have done a pretty fair job of capitulating to Muslims’ irrational and juvenile demands that they never be published — here is one of Westergaard’s own:Bombhead: KW

Yes, folks, this is one of the several cartoons that caused so many Muslims around the world to go ballistic enough to stage massive riots, destroy property, and attempt to kill people. Someday the world’s Muslims may grow up and accept that not everyone obeys the precepts of Islam … such as that the prophet Muhammad cannot be drawn in artwork … but it appears it won’t happen soon.

Hint to any and all offended Muslims: Ever heard of the Streisand Effect? When you rise up and rage sanctimoniously about something you dislike, you call attention to it, even if it might otherwise go unnoticed. This cartoon is here on this blog … and on many other Web sites … only because, in your self-righteous fury, you demanded it not be shown. You ended up getting exactly the opposite of what you’d wanted. Next time you’re offended by something, shutting up might simply cause it to go away and your wish that it go unnoticed, may actually come true.

Hat tip: Friendly Atheist blog.

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