Lars Vilks, cartoonistJust a few days ago I blogged about Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks being attacked over his cartoons, which had depicted the Islamic prophet Muhammad as a dog. Muslims enraged by his cartoons have decided to ratchet up both the violence and the immaturity, and tried to burn down his home. The CBC reports on this latest childish Muslim rampage (WebCite cached article):

The home of a Swedish artist whose 2007 drawing of the Prophet Muhammad offended Muslims has been subjected to a suspected arson attack after another incident in which he enraged Muslims.

Lars Vilks, from Nyhamnslage in southern Sweden, was not at home during the attack and no injuries were reported.

The attack failed, but Muslim anger over his Image by Lars Vilks published in Nerkes Allehanda“Muh-hund” cartoons appears not to have relented. As I promised in my previous entry on the subject, I will repost incendiary cartoons that have Muslims in a tizzy. As often as you people keep stamping and fuming over these cartoons, I will continue to repost them.

'Bombhead' cartoon by K. WestergaardMaybe someday you childish, raging Muslims will figure out what the Streisand effect is, and realize the best way to handle things that offend you is not to scream, holler, riot, attack, maim, burn and kill over them … but rather, to ignore them. Your fury only serves to call attention to things that might otherwise have gone unnoticed. It’s time for you all to grow up and figure that out.

Hat tip: AntiBible Project on Delphi Forums.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons.

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