Map of Pakistan, now a Facebook-free zone (CIA Factbook, 2008)Cartoons of Muhammad have drawn the ire of Pakistan’s courts, so that country — packed to the rafters as it is with childish, raging lunatic Islamist extremists — has blocked access to Facebook within its borders. The Los Angeles Times reports on this juvenile reaction (WebCite cached article):

It was a Facebook campaign meant to make a stand for free speech. But in Pakistan, a contest encouraging users of the social-networking site to submit caricatures of the prophet Muhammad has been viewed as blasphemous, prompting a court-ordered nationwide ban on the website Wednesday. …

The ruling was triggered by a campaign on Facebook asking users to post images of Islam’s founder on a page called “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day!”

The campaign was aimed at expressing solidarity with the creators of the Comedy Central television show “South Park,” which recently drew the ire of a radical Muslim group for depicting Muhammad in a bear suit during an episode earlier this year.

I blogged about this particular event back when it happened. 'Bombhead' cartoon by K. WestergaardThis contest also follows attacks on Lars Vilks, which I’ve blogged about more than once, and on the heels of continued Muslim outrage over the 2005 Jyllands-Posten cartoons.

Image by Lars Vilks published in Nerkes AllehandaI will, of course, continue my policy of posting some of the cartoons that have so enraged Muslims, as my own act of defiance against them, and to show my own support for free speech around the world. Muslims’ demand that everyone else in the world — Muslim and non-Muslim alike — obey their own metaphysical prohibition against depicting Muhammad, is not only unreasonable, it’s irrational and childish.

There is no amount of reasoning with them on the matter … so I have no intention of trying to reason with them about it. I will simply continue posting the cartoons they find offensive, as long as they keep stamping and fuming over their existence. There is a way to make these cartoons go away … and that’s to stop raging and fuming over their existence. I wonder if Muslims will ever find the fortitude and maturity to follow that strategem?

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