Pakistan (as the Soup Nazi) says, 'No YouTube for you'The juvenile, raging hyperreligionists in Pakistan have expanded their Internet censorship. It’s not just Facebook they’re banning, but many other Web sites too. And it’s all due to “sacrilege.” The New York Times reports on this additional expression of Islamist immaturity (WebCite cached article):

Pakistani authorities broadened a ban on social networking sites on Thursday, blocking YouTube and about 450 individual links to Web pages over what it described as “growing sacrilegious content.”

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, or P.T.A., blocked YouTube after a special Internet monitoring cell within the agency determined that “objectionable content” was increasing, according to a spokesman, Khurram Mehran.

'Bombhead' cartoon by K. WestergaardBecause the government of Pakistan continues to rage and fume about “sacrilege” and continues to assume that everyone on the planet — Muslim and non-Muslim alike — One of the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons, published in 2005is obliged to obey Islam’s metaphysical proscriptions on depicting Muhammad, the founder of their religion, I’ve added some incendiary cartoons to this post. The power of the Streisand effect is demonstrable, but these furious, irrational lunatics appear not to get it.

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