Masaccio - The Expulsion Of Adam And Eve From Eden - Restoration / Example of using fig leaves for 'modesty'A couple of Religious Right organizations are taking advantage of the proposed Comcast-NBC/Universal merger, to indulge their childish, sanctimonious impulses and find out just how much Comcast makes on pornography. Yes, folks, that’s right; none of the various pitfalls associated with this problematic merger matter, what matters is that we find out how much profit a cable company makes on “immoral” programming. The Hill’s Hillicon Valley blog reports on their maneuver (WebCite cached article):

The Parents Television Council (PTC) and a handful of Christian groups have called on Comcast to disclose the amount of revenue it brings in from pornographic and adult entertainment programming before it merges with NBC Universal (NBCU).

The groups, which include James Dobson’s organization Focus on the Family, want the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to consider the company’s porn revenues when judging if the merger is in the public interest, they wrote in a filing last week about the merger.

The U.S. Communications Act allows the FCC to use a “public interest” standard to evaluate the transfer of broadcast licenses.

The only problem is, they haven’t explained why this particular nugget of information about Comcast, is their business. I can only suppose they’ve simply decided that their own outrage over the fact that pornography exists, entitles them to that information. Fierce religionists usually think everything is their business, and they usually work to make it their business … even things that aren’t.

Hat tip: Consumerist.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons.

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