Ground Zero Mosque Supporters 4Based on this latest piece of news, I can conclude nothing else than that there is a war going on against Islam in the United States, and as far as I can tell, it’s fueled by the Religious Right. I just blogged about a mosque construction site in Tennessee being set ablaze; but now, a mosque in San Antonio has been vandalized, as KENS-TV reports (WebCite cached article):

A San Antonio mosque has been hit several times in the past week by vandals.

Tensions are already running high with the mosque controversy in New York City. Now, the Islamic Center of San Antonio has become a target.

Vandals spray-painted symbols and letters on the facade of the new building.

Members of the Islamic center near the Medical Center in northwest San Antonio said they came out from prayers Sunday to find the cars in the parking lot vandalized with graffiti and anti-Islamic messages.

Here’s the televised report:

Although I’m no fan of Islam, any more than I’m a fan of Christianity, I can’t see any valid, rational, morally-sound reason for this kind of behavior. It’s destructive; it’s violent; it’s criminal; and it’s dangerous. I’m also not alone in being alarmed at what appears to be a war on American Islam … Slate ran a piece on it (cached). This pushback against Muslims in America is worse than pretty much anything that happened in the immediate aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks … and that makes little sense, because there hasn’t been any such event recently.

I suggest it’s time for the militant Right to grow the fuck up and stop this violent crap, before someone dies.

Hat tip: Little Green Footballs.

Update: KENS-TV reports (again, with HT from LGF; cached version) that this is not being treated as a hate crime. However, the FBI remains on the case … which suggests the opposite, to me anyway.

Photo credit: david_shankbone.

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