Blasphemy ... A ticket to hell has never been funnierSo far I’ve not been able to think of a good way to counter-protest the various Qur’an burnings that may — or may not — take place tomorrow on the 9th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks. I mean, burning Bibles is obvious … but whole problem with any kind of book-burning is that it’s a fascist thing to do, and an offense to the intellect (in addition, and quite separate from, being an insult to whatever religion reveres the book you burn). Lordrag at the Pulling to the Left blog has a different, but decidedly un-fascist, idea:

I have an idea for a counter protest against the radical Christian cleric Terry Jones, a.k.a. Pastor Burnsalot, with his burning Qurans. I propose we get a crowd of people to gather outside his church for a few hours and blaspheme the Holy Spirit through loudspeakers and bullhorns.

Sounds like the Blasphemy Challenge!

There’s a hitch, too, that should unnerve these pathetic losers:

Also, imagine the fun as Jones’ parishioners become fearful that they might accidentally think to themselves the blasphemies they hear from the protesters, and thereby open themselves up to what they believe is “the unforgiveable sin.”

This is because in the Bible (specifically in Matthew 12:30-32, Mark 3:28-30, and Luke 12:8-10) blaspheming the Holy Spirit is the one sin which God’s mercy and Jesus’ sacrifice can never redeem. Merely thinking about the words “I blaspheme the Holy Spirit” — even if one never actually intended to say them — might be enough to eliminate someone’s chance for salvation. So they may plug their ears in order to avoid hearing it, and may not even be able to warn others in their church, because they may not wish to say, “Those people out there are blaspheming the Holy Spirit!”

It could well be damned hilarious to watch.

Pun intended.

Photo credit: mrgaskell.

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