Armenian crusaders (Armenian kingdom of Cilicia)I blogged a few days ago about the Hartford City Council and its plan to protest the Religious Right’s Neocrusade against Islam in the US by opening their next meeting with prayers by local imams. I also mentioned, then, that they’d been inundated with venomous complaints. Well, it turns out they lost their nerve, and have canceled their plans. The Hartford Courant reports on their cowardly and abject surrender to the country’s Neocrusaders (WebCite cached article):

The executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Connecticut said Friday that the city council has called off its pre-meeting prayer Monday, which was to be an Islamic invocation.

Mongi Dhaouadi said he received a call from Council President rJo Winch Friday saying that there would be no prayer, but that the council would instead hold an “interfaith moment of silence.” …

The council was inundated with phone calls and e-mails from angry residents after announcing this week that it had invited an imam to give the opening prayer. At a press conference Wednesday, Winch said she was saddened by the responses, some of which she characterized as “racist views of hatred.”

Let me be clear on this: The Religious Right’s chief weapon — in everything they’ve done over the past 30 or so years — has been intimidation. They demonize, they vilify, they harangue, they lie, they bully, they threaten, and they (verbally) pummel their opponents into submission. For the most part — and quite unfortunately — their opponents have usually obliged by giving into the intimidation. The Hartford City Council, it seems, is no exception.

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