Kashmiri protesters burn an effigy of President Barack Obama during a protest in Srinagar, India, 13 Sept. 2010. Indian forces battled protesters in the disputed territory during demonstrations fueled in part by a report of the Quran being desecrated in the United States.I’ve already blogged on the Muslim world’s immature response to the raging immaturity of Qur’an desecration that various elements of the Religious Right, including Randall Terry, have engaged in. The sanctimonious outrage has actually ramped up and spread, this time to the Kashmir province of India, as Voice of American reports (WebCite cached article):

In Indian Kashmir 14 people have been killed and 45 injured in some of the deadliest violence witnessed in the region since mass demonstrations against Indian rule erupted three months ago.

Officials say several people were killed when police fired on hundreds of Muslim protesters who set fire to a Christian missionary school and some government buildings in Tangmarg and Budgam districts in Indian Kashmir.

Officials say the protests were partly fueled by reports on an Iranian state-run channel that a Quran had been damaged in the United States during the weekend.

Obviously, 14 people needed to die for al-Lah, because the Qur’an was desecrated! It goes without saying that lives must be destroyed because of that. Al-Lah demands nothing less!

(All right, so the preceding paragraph was sarcastic. Of course lives should not be lost due to any kind of metaphysical event!)

Yes, folks, the Muslim world continues to try to prove the Religious Right when it condemns Islam as a violent religion. Trust me, this will only feed the flames of Neocrusade here in the US. And in response the militant Christians in the US will surge forward in their Neocrusade against Islam here.

Note to religious believers, especially Christians and Muslims: By all means, keep up the mayhem. Go ahead, keep going with the schoolyard objection that “It’s not our fault, they started it!” All it does is prove that the whole bunch of you are just a bunch of self-righteous crybabies, engaged in a massive worldwide pissing contest over whose god is bigger than whose. At the same time that theists like yourselves claim that your religious beliefs make you morally superior, you are — ironically — demonstrating yourselves (rather conclusively) to be, instead, morally inferior. Just grow the fuck up and get over it already!

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One Response to “More Riots And Killings Over Qur’an Desecration”
  1. […] I’ve previously blogged about the immature tendency of Muslims in certain parts of the world to riot, rage and even kill over things that bother them. Here, then, is an example of this happening, but among Christians instead. Georgia is, indeed, very Christian … that land was converted to the faith back in the 4th century, and it’s by far the dominant religion there. Here we have incontrovertible evidence that religiously-motivated violence is not solely triggered by Islam, and cultural immaturity isn’t limited solely to primarily-Muslim countries. Despite the fact that Christians market their religion as “the Religion of Love,” it’s clear that Christians limit their “love” only to those who think like themselves and are willing to strictly obey their dour doctrines. […]