The Crystal Cathedral, Garden Grove, CAThe vast, lavish monstrosity known as the Crystal Cathedral, in Garden Grove, California (about which I’ve blogged a couple times already), is falling into the pit of America’s ongoing recession, and may be filing for bankruptcy. KCBS-TV reports on the shining edifice’s financial woes, which it is inflicting on others as it heads down (WebCite cached article):

Officials at the Crystal Cathedral say bankruptcy may be pending for the mega church, a one-time drive-in house of worship that grew into a worldwide television religious powerhouse.

Kristina Oliver told the Orange County Register that she lost her house to foreclosure because the church has been unwilling or unable to pay her the $50,000 it owes for renting camels and other animals for its holiday pageants.

Oliver had been sitting on a panel of creditors set up to negotiate with the church and help it avoid bankruptcy. “I honestly believed that the church was going to come up with an equitable plan to pay us all,” she told the newspaper.

“But I now know that all they wanted to do was string us along,” she added.

The Crystal Cathedral, of course, professes ignorance that anyone else is being harmed by its inability to pay its bills:

The son in law of Cathedral founder Rev. Robert H. Schuller told the Register he was unaware of the impasse between the church and the creditors until the panel of small creditors sent a letter to him Thursday.

I’m fairly sure that the Crystal Cathedral’s creditors aren’t going to let them get away with this too much longer. People generally put up with a lot of bullshit spewed by the heads of religious groups, but “The check is in the mail!” isn’t one of the lies they’re likely to buy.

Of course, I’m still trying to figure out exactly how the career of the man whose teachings included the Beatitudes, could possibly have inspired such a pretentious edifice as the Crystal Cathedral. Jesus, I thought, had preached humility, among other virtues. So an enormous, shining building doesn’t seem in his character. But then, I’m just a cold-hearted, cynical, god-hating agnostic heathen … so what the hell do I know?

For those Christians who may not be familiar with Jesus’ teachings on humility, you can find some of them in your Bibles, in the Gospel according to Matthew, chapters 5 through 7 and the Gospel according to Luke, chapter 6, verses 20 through 49 … among other places.

Update: The Crystal Cathedral has, in fact, filed for bankruptcy, as reported by the AP via Google News (cached article).

Hat tip: iReligion Forum on Delphi Forums.


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