Public Notice!In the last two weeks I have received emails from two correspondents, concerning apparent problems with this site. Unfortunately, it’s not clear to me, in either case, which post or page is the problem. Administrative site searches hasn’t helped me figure out what is the problem, in either case.

Now, an easy explanation for these mysterious emails is that they’re not genuine concerns about the site, but merely pretenses by which spammers are checking my email address; if I respond, they’ll know it’s valid, and then they’ll hammer me with spam. So I can’t very well just reply to my correspondents and ask what they’re talking about. This leaves me without the details I need in order to be of service to my correspondents.

The only thing I can do, Gentle Reader, is ask that, if you want me to address something on this site, to please send me the URL of the page or post in question, or at least some specific information I can use to locate what you’re talking about. Otherwise I can’t help you.

Thanks for your time.

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