Relief Bruno Campo dei Fiori n1It’s been over a month since I last mentioned the Great Neocrusade against Islam in the United States, but that’s not because the movement has gone away. On the contrary, with the Religious Right having gained new momentum, it will continue to be a force to contend with over the next couple of years. It will now include a series of Inquisition-style show-trials in the House of Representatives, hosted by none other than Rep. Peter King, R-NY, as Politico reports (WebCite cached article):

Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) is vowing to hold hearings next year on what he calls the “radicalization of the American Muslim community and homegrown terrorism.”

The incoming chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security said he plans to examine the “disconnect” between law-abiding American Muslims and the homegrown terrorists who have plotted failed attacks in places like Times Square and Portland, Ore.

I’m not sure what King thinks he’s going to find. It goes almost without saying that there are law-abiding Muslims in the US, as well as terrorist Muslims. I’m not sure there is a “thing” standing between them, which King’s hearings are somehow going to “uncover.”

I will say that the situation is probably very similar to what one finds among members of other religions, where the more upstanding members of a religion tend to “enable” extremists. It happens even among Christians in the US. A great example of this phenomenon was seen in the reaction of “mainstream” Christians to the assassination of Dr George Tiller by vehement Christianist Scott Roeder. While lots of Christians condemned the killing — and one assumes they’d not have done it, themselves — many did say they “understood” Roeder’s motivation. This is a tacit form of support for extremism, which extremists interpret as license to do what they do.

Maybe King should hold trials looking into the matter of the information supplied to Roeder to help him in his plot to kill Dr Tiller?

I should, finally, note that Rep. King does not exactly come into the matter with what one might call “clean hands.” In the past he was an outspoken supporter of the Irish Republican Army, which — during the course of “the Troubles” — committed more than its share of terrorist acts. King, therefore, is no stranger to “radicalism” himself. That makes him worse than just being a Neocrusader … he’s a fucking hypocritical Neocrusader!

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3 Responses to “Rep. Peter King To Hold Neocrusade Trials”
  1. Oh, goody! More hate. We just can't seem to get enough of it. 🙁

  2. PsiCop says:

    Hey, at least we know these trials will be led by a known expert in terrorism.

  3. All hail King Peter… er, I mean Peter King. 😉