Picard Facepalm: Because expressing how dumb that was in words just doesnt workThe Rob Bell controversy has been kicked up anew because of the Time magazine article I blogged about a couple days ago. Mediate reports that it even became a topic of discussion on Chris Matthews’s weekly show (WebCite cached article):

On Sunday morning’s The Chris Matthews Show, host Chris Matthews asked his panel to debate Time Magazine’s recent cover story on the existence of Hell.

Mediate offers video of this segment, which thankfully is just under 4 minutes long:

The panel was all over the place:

Veering off-topic somewhat, Matthews asked “Why does the right wing love the Old Testament so much?”

Joe Klein noted that they “like Revelation better,” while Andrew Sullivan offered that “Jesus loved the poor. He thought they were better than the rich.”

I’m not sure how useful this discussion was. It’s painful to watch Sullivan pontificate on what Hell is and isn’t. Just goes to show how, when a discussion of religion comes up within the mass media, the floodgates of “stupid” tend to open wide and pretty soon we’re all up to our knees in idiocy.

Nevertheless, Matthews had a good point about the Right’s obsession with the Old Testament, as did Joe Klein in his remark about how the Right loves the book of Revelation “better.”

Photo credit: Picard Facepalm.

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