Praying HandsDespite the stuff that’s going on in the world, and presumably in their lives, that they could pray to their God about, a Georgia church has decided the Almighty has a much more important problem to solve: High gas prices. WMAZ-TV in Macon reports on their third prayer-event at a gas station in Dublin, Georgia (WebCite cached article):

A Dublin church group plans to gather pump-side Saturday and pray for the gas prices to drop.

It’s an effort started by the Beacon of Light Christian Center in Dublin.

“I believe if we come together and pray as a community we can really make something happen,” says the church’s pastor, Marshall Mabry.

Here’s some video, again courtesy of WMAZ:

Uh, Pastor, if you really want something done about gas prices, talk to your friends in the Religious Right. High gas prices are the result of corporate profit-taking and commodity speculation. You might start with the Koch brothers, who’ve orchestrated the astroturf “movement” known as the tea party (cached).

Hat tip: Consumerist.

Photo credit: Praying Hands Clipart.

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