St Bernard's Church, Tariffville (Simsbury), CTNot too long ago, a report commissioned by America’s Catholic bishops claimed — among other things — that priestly pedophilia was a “historical” problem, meaning it’s “history” and is no longer happening. Apparently this isn’t true, though; a month ago I blogged about a priest here in Connecticut who was arrested for abusing children; and now, WFSB-TV reports on yet another Nutmeg State priest who’s been arrested (WebCite cached article):

A St. Bernard Catholic Church priest in Simsbury appeared before a judge on Friday to answer to charges of sexual assault.

Simsbury police said Rev. Edward Warnakulasuriya was arrested on Wednesday, and was charged with three counts of fourth-degree sexual assault.

WFSB offers this video report (unfortunately not visible in all browsers; you may have to click the link to see it):

Unlike the case of the priest in Berlin, CT, there’s no mention of cooperation by the archdiocese of Hartford, which suggests there’s been none (aside from Warnakulasuriya being suspended).

Really, I have to wonder when the Roman Catholic Church will finally admit that the clerical abuse scandal is an actual, real problem, not a figment of others’ imaginations, not the product of a global conspiracy by the Church’s enemies (or worse, by the Jews), not a “spiritual attack” by the Forces of Darkness on God’s holy church, not a money-grab by people who want to cash in by suing the Church, and not a thing of the past. It’s time for the Roman Catholic hierarchy to grow up, “man up,” accept responsibility for their own clergy, admit what has happened, and conclude the problem once and for all.

But we all know they won’t. They’re much too cowardly and selfish even to consider such a thing.

Photo credit: St Bernard’s Church, Tariffville (Simsbury), CT.

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  1. Man up? HAHAHA! Ooops. Sorry. 😉

    • PsiCop says:

      Heh heh heh, you're right. Perhaps a poor choice of wording. Nevertheless, I think I'll leave it there, pun intact, if not intended!

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