God hates Westboro Baptists (they're fags!)I’ve blogged about the inbred cadre of howling morons known as “the Westboro Baptist Church” already, including an occasion when they ventured here to liberal Connecticut. Well, in the wake of the death of a Navy SEAL from Stamford, Bridgeport’s Connecticut Post reported yesterday that they’d threatened to return to the Nutmeg State to attend his funeral today (WebCite cached article):

A renegade fundamentalist Kansas church professing the demise of the United States because of its liberal policies on homosexuality, abortion and divorce is threatening to protest the Friday funeral for fallen Stamford SEAL Brian Bill.

Fred Phelps Jr., spokesman and son of Topeka’s Westboro Baptist Church leader Fred W. Phelps, said Wednesday that five or six church members are on their way to Stamford for Bill’s services.

“That’s the idea. We are doing as many SEAL funerals as we can,” he said in a phone interview from Kansas.

But now I’m pleased to report that the Westboro Baptists turned “yellow” and never showed up, as the Stamford Advocate reported just a short time ago (cached):

The funeral for U.S. Navy Petty Officer Brian Bill was conducted at the Church of St. Cecilia without incident and with hundreds of friends and family attending. …

In front of the church more than 120 Patriot Guards — a volunteer group dedicated to ensuring military funerals go smoothly — stood vigil, although no protestors from the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kan., appeared at the funeral, as threatened.

Phelps & Co. apparently didn’t have the courage to show up. Whodathunkit?

It would be better, of course, if Christianity as a religion had never given birth to this congregation of insanely hateful freaks, and I continue to wonder why it tolerates their existence … but I guess that’s asking too much.

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