St Adalbert Centennial Mass 7 Nov 2010America’s Roman Catholic bishops continue the massive political and social pushback campaign they launched some time ago, in the wake of the “priestly pedophilia” scandal that erupted in their dioceses in the last 10 years. They’re done listening to crap about it, are angry that American society no longer defers to them as much as they once did (considering it an impermissible reduction of their “religious liberty” for the public to be so insolent as not to just let them run the country however they wish), and have decided to go after what they perceive as their “enemies.” In that vein, the Washington Post reports they’ve decided to train their guns on — of all organizations — the Girl Scouts (WebCite cached article):

The nation’s Roman Catholic bishops are reviewing the church’s long-standing ties to the Girl Scouts of the USA after complaints that some of that venerable organization’s programs might contradict church teachings on contraception and abortion.

They’re basing this review on what they consider to be compelling and impeccable information:

The inquiry by the Catholic bishops has been ongoing for two years and was prompted by persistent reports, circulated on the Internet and by some social conservatives, that the Girl Scouts of the USA has ties to Planned Parenthood or, for example, endorses material on sexuality that the church would not approve. …

Girl Scout leaders have denied the claims, but the bishops decided to continue their inquiry. In a March 28 letter to his fellow bishops, Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades, chairman of the Committee on Laity, Marriage, Family Life and Youth, wrote that “important questions still remain and need to be examined.”

Because we all know, of course, that reports “circulated on the Internet” and offered up by “social conservatives” could never possibly be anything less that 100% true! Right?

Given that the Roman Catholic Church worldwide views itself as being “under attack” by the Forces of Evilas I’ve blogged any number of times, based on Catholic officials themselves saying so — my assumption is that they now view the Girl Scouts, along with many other organizations such as Planned Parenthood, as being an element of the grand Army of Darkness that’s trying to destroy them, and they’re making a pre-emptive strike.

Sooner or later their delusional thinking is going to catch up with them. Unfortunately I don’t see this happening any time soon, especially given that the Religious Right in the US largely agrees with the idea that Satan is attacking God’s nation and is cheering the bishops on.

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