little angel / tzunghaor, via Open Clip Art LibraryThe massacre in Aurora CO late last week continues to draw religious impulses out of people. Their responses range from asking themselves where God was while a young man was slaughtering people[1], to spewing pious rage over irreligion causing the massacre, to putting up memorial crosses as a display of public piety[2], to seeing an angel over the theater in which the shooting took place. KMGH-TV in Denver offers this story accompanying a photo which — some say shows precisely that (WebCite cached article):

A 7NEWS viewer snapped a photo that shows what she said is an angel in the clouds above the vigil site for the theater rampage victims.

Tellingly, the article concludes by inviting commenters to report whether or not they see this angel. At the risk of pointing out the obvious: If you have to ask people if they can see this “angel” … then — sorry to say — it’s probably not there!

Here’s the picture in question, I invite you to be your own judge:

'Angel' in clouds above Century 16 theater, Aurora CO / Crystal Fuller, via KMGH-TV

‘Angel’ in clouds above Century 16 theater, Aurora CO / Crystal Fuller, via KMGH-TV

I certainly don’t see anything like an angel in this picture. Yes, there are some clouds in a “spray” arrangement above the theater, but honestly, it looks more like a dreaded “funnel cloud” formation, than an “angel.”

And even if this truly were an angel, looking down on the prayer vigil … one wonders why there’d have been a supernatural intervention at that moment, rather than during the shooting itself. That angel could have showed up and used his/her/its awesome angelic power to prevent shooter James Holmes from blowing away a whole bunch of people. Showing up only after the fact seems just a little bit “too little, too late,” don’t you think?

Look, I get that people love to see things like this at times when their emotions are frayed. Really, I do understand it. But I’m not sure it’s really worth anyone’s time to try to see this supposed “angel.”

Photo credit, top: tzunghaor, via Open Clip Art Library.

Photo credit, middle: Crystal Fuller, via KMGH-TV.

[1] No one would have to ask or answer such an absurd question, if not for the widespread yet irrational notion that God is both omnipotent and benevolent. In a universe which God supposedly created and which nevertheless has evil in it, this combination of traits in a deity is a logical impossibility.

[2] Unfortunately for Christians with such impulses, their own Jesus explicitly and clearly forbid his followers ever to express their piety in public. They really need to start obeying the founder of their own religion, and stop pulling this kind of crap all the time.

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