Pat Robertson / Mediaite / Pat Robertson Concludes Sikh Temple Shooting Because ‘Atheists Hate God’The Aurora massacre was only a few hours old when a Religiofascist Congressman giddily declared that “attacks” on religion were to blame for it … in spite of the fact that, even now — weeks later — no one is yet quite sure what caused James Holmes to gun down a bunch of people in a movie theater. Well, the Sikh Temple shooting was likewise just a few hours old, when, as Mediaite reports, Christofascist televangelist Marion “Pat” Robertson announced that atheists’ hatred of God had caused it (WebCite cached article):

On his 700 Club program Monday morning, televangelist Pat Robertson came to the conclusion that Sunday morning’s Sikh temple massacre in Oak Creek, Wisc., was ultimately because “atheists hate God.”

“What is it?” Robertson wondered aloud. “Is it satanic? Is it some spiritual thing?”

“People who are atheists, they hate God, they hate the expression of God,” he continued. “And they are angry with the world, angry with themselves, angry with society and they take it out on innocent people who are worshipping God.”

It’s curious Patty-boy would be so sure that the late accused shooter, Wade Michael Page, was an “atheist” who’d decided to “take it out on innocent people who are worshipping God.” Aside from the fact that the guy appears to have been a vocal white supremacist (cached), not a lot else is known about his motives. And there’s absolutely no evidence he was an atheist. Even though white supremacy has its origins in certain fringe Christian beliefs, I’m not yet willing to blame this shooting on religiosity. So why is Patty Robertson so quick to blame it on areligion or anti-religion? I have no idea. Do you?

I’d like to point out an obvious flaw in Patty-boy’s reasoning: he said that atheists “hate God.” But by definition, atheists don’t believe in God. It’s literally not possible for them to “hate” something they don’t even believe in.

I’ll end by asking an open question of my religious readers (and I know there are some of you out there): Have you had enough, yet, of this kind of bilious sewage that streams freely from the mouths of people who claim to speak for you? When do any of you plan to put your collective feet down and stop vermin like Robertson and Gohmert from spewing this kind of sick lunacy? This kind of bullshit is now standard fare when any of these kinds of events happen. Why have you permitted that to happen? When are you finally going to grow some cojones and put an end to these cretins’ antics?

The fact that this is so commonplace means you no longer have any excuses for refusing to act to prevent it. What you will not stop — and what you know is sure to happen — you tacitly support. As I’ve said any number of times already: If you don’t think enough of your own religion to police it and keep its spokespeople in line, you can’t expect outside observers such as myself to respect it, or to respect you for believing in it. Either take responsibility for your religion … or just admit you like hearing this crap. The choice is yours.

My guess is, while a lot of you would say you don’t like hearing it, secretly, you actually do. Of course, it would be rather easy for you to prove me wrong on that. I invite you to do so! Please, go right ahead.

Hat tip: Friendly Atheist.

Photo credit: Mediaite.

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