Practical: The bunkers have escape tunnels with one sided hatches which can only open from the inside, as well as sealed contamination rooms between the entrance and living areas / Atlassurvivalshelters.Com, via (UK) Daily Mail.Here in Connecticut, a lot of folks aren’t likely to notice the passing of “the Maya Doomsday,” for obvious reasons. But elsewhere, there’s still a lot of interest. To the point where there are companies making living off this delusional non-event. The (UK) Daily Mail reports on folks who bought bomb shelters they think will help them ride out this coming worldwide catastrophe (WebCite cached article):

If you’re seriously concerned about the world ending on Friday, then this could be just the ticket.

Ron Hubbard has built a luxurious underground bomb-proof shelter in Montebello, California, with a leather sofa, plasma TV and wooden flooring — just in case the Mayans’ predictions come true.

The civilisation’s Long Count calendar which began 5,125 years ago in 3113 B.C. ends on December 21, 2012 — sparking fears among a small group of people that a major catastrophe could happen.

That “the Maya” never actually “predicted” any such thing, doesn’t seem to matter to folks willing to plunk down thousands of dollars on underground shelters.

Mr Hubbard manufactures hi-tech underground ‘recreational bomb shelters’ — and has seen his business boom from selling one a month to one a day in the past year.

The luxurious bomb, nuclear and chemical weapon-proof bunkers are kitted out with beds, kitchens, flushing toilets and even fireplaces — and sell for an average price of £46,000.

Just goes to show a lot of people in this world have more money than brains. I particularly love the fact that these people don’t seem to want to live after the Maya Apocalypse without their precious HD TVs.

As always I will point out that there will be no “doomsday” on December 21, 2012 … not a Mayan one, nor any other kind. The Maya long-count calendar will not “end” on that date, because calendars are by definition cyclical and perpetual, and they never “end.” See 2012 Hoax and this page at NASA if you really wish to understand the fraud behind the so-called “Maya Doomsday.”

Photo credit: Atlassurvivalshelters.Com, via the Daily Mail.

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